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With the principle of “Accuracy, Reliability, Speciality ”, All SICC's bare thermocouple wires and mineral insulated thermocouple cables are manufactured to meet the requirements specified in IEC61515 and ASTM E585, and the calibration tolerance of IEC584 and ASTM E230. We provides calibration results for all mineral insulated cable and thermocouple alloy wires with each shipment, including EMF values, accuracy, batch number, raw materials chemistry, lab environment condition,etc, each order has only one job number for tracement, Calibration capability is available up to 1000C on suitable thermocouple types. Our lab routinely calibrates at the following fixed   points:100C,200C,400C,600C,800C,1000C,we works continuously to reduce the measurement uncertainty at each calibration temperature and new estimates are made every six months to ten months,ensuring any deviations are identified early so that results generated by the lab remain consistent and accurate.

SICC supply the top quality products 100% through QA program supervised by the Chief Quality Officer. Continuously doing the job of raw materials purchase management, manufacturing processes optimization, staff training,etc, our sales prices can always keep competitive all over the world. All wires and cables shipped are uniquely identified with SICC's shipping tag, it shows the customer's order number, specification, batch number, accuracy, length, producing date,etc.

Our managment has been improved a lot by ERP system, from raw material procument, production and sales to achieve full process control, all the thermocouple wires and cables are traceablity. 

We are always committed to:

----Training and motivation of employee aimed at the high-quality production.

----Establishment of long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers and customers

----Management of interrelated processes as a system to improve the effectiveness of the organization

----Maintenance and development of company culture ”Effort, Humbleness, Reflection, Thankfulness, Benevolence, Sensiblity”.

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