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Thermocouple metal alloys

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  • Type K thermocouple wire
    Type K is the most common thermocouple conductor(≥500℃), it has a good resistance against oxidation and can be recommended for oxidizing and inert atmospheres.It can not be used in sulphurous and vacuum atmospheres directly at a high temperature,as this will have a significant impact on the EMF values. The composition of positive(KP) is Ni90Cr10, negative(KN) is Ni97Si3.

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  • Type J thermocouple wire
    Type J thermocouple alloys is suitable for using in vacuum, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres or inert gas atmospheres. Because of high temperature oxidizing quickly for JP, the measuring temperature range is restricted. The composition of positive(JP) is Fe100, negative(JN) is Cu55Ni45.

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  • Type T thermocouple wire
    Type T thermocouple conductor is suitable for temperature below 0℃ with an upper temperature limit of 350℃(ASTM E230:370℃) and can be used in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres or inert gas atmospheres,The composition of positive(TP) is Cu100,negative(TN) is Cu55Ni45. Here in SICC, we produce Type T thermocouple wire using the highest quality raw materials. A wide range of materials such as nickel and copper element and more are carefully sourced to make the best quality. Send us your inquiries today!

    Hot Tags : Type T bare thermocouple wire Type T thermocouple alloys

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  • Thermocouple wire material
    Type E bare thermocouple wire develops the highest source voltage(EMF) per℃ for measuring tiny temperature shift,it is suitable in oxidizing or inert gas atmospheres up to 900℃(ASTM E230:870℃),  The composition of positive(EP) is Ni90Cr10, negative(EN) is Cu55Ni45. SICC is your one-stop solution providing bare thermocouple wire that will meet your needs, Contact us now for more inquiries!

    Hot Tags : Type E bare thermocouple wire Type E thermocouple alloys

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  • Thermocouple alloys supplier
    Type N thermocouple conductor is suitable in the similar atmospheres with type K and the operating temperature is -200-1300℃. Its  advantage is thermoelectric stability. The composition of positive(NP) is approximately Ni84.4Cr14.2Si1.4, negative(NN) is Ni95.5Si4.4Mg0.1. SICC can also customized thermocouple conductor based on your detailed specifications. Thus, meeting your project or business requirements. Send us your inquiries today!

    Hot Tags : Type N bare thermocouple wire Type N thermocouple alloys

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  • Extension thermocouple wire manufacturer
    SICC can supply Extension and Compensating bare thermocouple wire meet the standard IEC60584 and ASTM E230, The advanced melting skills combined controls the chemical composition to achieve the highest quality products , our produce base has the capacity of 900 tons annual that can meet your comprehensive requirements. whatever the bright annealed or oxidized conditions,all thermocouple conductors are calibrated at our lab ,this includes the testing of EMF, chemical composition,physical and thermoelectric properties before shipment.

    Hot Tags : Extension bare thermocouple wire manufacturer thermocouple alloys manufacturer

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