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Our company development is always guided with Kazuo Inamori's philosophy, including social responsibility.

The philosophy is the regulations and agreements which constitute our company's standards. Incorporated in this factor are the rules and morals advocated within the company to reflect these management standards. Just as human beings have personal character, companies also have corporate character. The way to gain trust and respect from society is for company's character to be so impressive that people say, that is indeed a company with an admirable corporate character.

Being profitable is neither shameful nor unrighteous. A price that is determined through free-market competition are a fair price, and the profit earned is a just profit. Fierce competition promotes rationalization, while raising added value increases profit, we persist in doing business fairly, pursuing a fair profit and contributing to society.

Cherish the mutual trust that ties us together like a family, sharing the joys and sorrows of others as our own. This is the basis that connects all employees.

Family-like ties make employees appreciate and care for one another. This trusting camaraderie is the basis of our working relationship. Like a family, employees help each other unconditionally when someone is in need, and give comfort even about personal matters.

People have no higher calling than to strive for the greater good of humankind and society.

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