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Mineral insulated thermocouple cable

Mineral insulated thermocouple cable manufacturer
Mineral insulated thermocouple cable manufacturer
Mineral insulated thermocouple cable manufacturer

Mineral insulated thermocouple cable

Mineral insulated thermocouple cable is used to insulate thermocouple wires from one another and from the metal sheath that surrounds them. MIMS Cable has two (or four when duplex) thermocouple wires running down the middle of the tube. The tube is then filled with magnesium oxide powder and compacted to ensure the wires are properly insulated and separated. Mineral insulated cable helps to protect the thermocouple wire from corrosion and electrical interference.

  • TYPE:

  • DIA:

    0.25 to 12.7 mm or 0.01 to 0.5

    SS304,321,316,316Ti,310,446, Inconel600,601, Nircobell sheath,etc

SICC is the world's leading manufacturer of mineral insulated cable with 10 production lines and 4 million meters annual. Over the decades, we constantly refine and improve the technology, inculding accuracies,powder grades,sheath materials,configurations,as it remains the heart of our products to this day. 


We can supply mineral insulated thermocouple cable type K/J/N/E/T from O.D=0.25 to 12.7 mm or 0.01" to 0.5" with SS304/321,SS316,SS447, SS316TI,SS310, Inconel600/601, Pyrosil,Nircobell sheath and etc.

Also If you have a special mineral insulated cable application, contact us without hesitate, our very experienced engineers will help you to find out the solution.



































































The size’s tolerance of SICC’ mineral insulated cable

Outside Sheath Diameter

±0.002" (±0.05mm) or ±1% of nominal diameter

Wall Thickness

10% of sheath diameter as a minimum

Wire Diameter

15% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 2 wires ,


12% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 4 wires,


9% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 6 wires


To meet special limits of error as defined in ASTM-E230 and IEC 60584-2

MgO Purity  

99.6% Sea Mgo Powder



All SICC’ thermocouple cables are manufactured to meet the requirements specified in IEC61515 and ASTM E585, and the calibration tolerance of IEC584 class 1 and ASTM E230 Special Limit Error(SLE), even better accuracy for type K(±1.1/1.5C for all temperature range or 1/2 accuracy). We provide calibration results for all mineral insulated cable with each shipment, including EMF values, accuracy, batch number, raw materials chemistry, lab environment condition,etc. Each order has only one job number for tracement. Calibration capability is available up to 1000C on suitable thermocouple types.

Our lab routinely calibrates at the following fixed points:100C,200C,400C,600C,800C,1000C,we works continuously to reduce the measurement uncertainty at each calibration temperature and new estimates are made every six months to ten months, ensuring any deviations are identified early so that results generated by the lab remain consistent and accurate.

We supply the top quality Mineral insulated thermocouple cable 100% through QA program supervised by the Chief Quality Officer. Continuously doing the job of raw materials purchase management, manufacturing processes optimization, staff training,etc. Our sales prices can always keep competitive all over the world.


SICC' produce bases are closed to Shanghai within 2 hours, as the most modern city that having a very convenient logistics network , this advantage can promise our mineral insulated cables are delivered to you by air and sea ship on time. Shipments are usually made in cartons measuring 70*70*20cm, for large shipments can be palletized.

All coils shipped are uniquely identified with SICC’ shipping tag, it shows the customer’s order number, specification, batch number, accuracy, length,date.

Pls contact us for a completed quote and we will be waiting here at 7*24.

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