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The problem of short circuit for mineral insulated cable

The problem of short circuit for mineral insulated cable

December 29, 2023

The problem of short circuit for mineral insulated thermocouple cable can happen due to several reasons that will effect the test accuracy and damage equipment ,we need to find out the causes and try to solve the issues, here are the mainly list:

1. Manufacturing defects: During the producing of mineral insulated cable, there maybe have defects, such as material impurities, internal wire contact, insulation inconsistencies. Usually the IR(Insulation Resistance) test will be done after mineral insulated cable drawn that will avoid short circuit basically, However especially for long lengths(≥200mtrs) mineral insulated thermocouple cable, the looping frequency may cause the magnesium oxide powder to loosen somewhere relative to the coordinate point resulting the short circuit issue of internal wire contact, we usually do the IR test twice even more.

2. Insulation issue: Due to excessive bent, abrasion, physical damage, or exposure to corrosive substances, the insulation of mineral insulated thermocouple cable will be damaged. If find out the sheath of cable be cut,pinch,worn,punctured, you need to replace the cable immediately. If find out the wire is broken, you need to replace the cable immediately.

3. Installation mistakes:  Improper installation or termination of mineral insulated cable can cause short circuits, such as incorrect wiring connections, inadequate insulation stripping and loose connections. You should follow our installation guidelines and follow industry standards, rich installation experiences can be very helpful to avoid installation short circuits problems.

We advise to follow these steps when you need to solve the problems of short circuit for mineral insulated cable:

Step1, Stop using cables to stay safe;

Step2: Check the cable sheath for physical faults;

Step3: Check the thermocouple conductors and its insulation to make sure there are no shorts;

Step4: Check the installation errors, such as incorrect connections,inadequate insulation stripping;

Step5: Replace the cable;

Step6: Test and verify to make sure the problem is solved and the mineral insulated cable can work normally.

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