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Type T thermocouple wire
Type T thermocouple wire
Type T thermocouple wire

Type T thermocouple wire

Type T thermocouple conductor is suitable for temperature below 0℃ with an upper temperature limit of 350℃(ASTM E230:370℃) and can be used in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres or inert gas atmospheres,The composition of positive(TP) is Cu100,negative(TN) is Cu55Ni45.

  • TYPE:

  • DIA:










0.761~ 0.785

1.825~ 1.849

3.137~ 3.161





3.493~ 3.517

7.420~ 7.482

11.655~ 11.771





4.255~ 4.303

9.245~ 9.331

14.792~ 14.932




Physical parameters




TS (mpa)


Resistivity (20μΩ.m)














SICC can supply type T bare thermocouple wire meet the accuracy standard IEC60584 and ASTM E230. The advanced melting skills combined controls the chemical composition to achieve the highest quality products , our produce base has the capacity of 900 tons annual with 35000 square meters that can meet your comprehensive requirements. Whatever the bright annealed or oxidized conditions,all thermocouple materials are calibrated at our lab ,this includes the testing of EMF, chemical composition,physical and thermoelectric properties before shipment.

SICC provides calibration results for all bare thermocouple wires with each shipment, including EMF values, accuracy, batch number, raw materials chemistry, lab environment condition,etc. Each order has only one job number for tracement. Calibration capability is available up to 1000C on suitable thermocouple types.

Our lab routinely calibrates at the following fixed points:100C,200C,300C for type T thermocouple alloys,we work continuously to reduce the measurement uncertainty at each calibration temperature and new estimates are made every six months to ten months,ensuring any deviations are identified early so that results generated by the lab remain consistent and accurate.

Contact us today for your any requirements.

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